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We Can Help: Thyroid, PCOS, and Endometriosis

Lacey’s story may not be your story. Still, it illustrates that there is medical helps for you if you have severe pain, heavy cycles, infertility, and have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Don’t let the common diagnosis rule your life – there is personalized treatment available to help your quality of life.  Our story is about Lacey, a patient who…

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PCOS and Weight Problems

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder wherein the body produces an abnormal amount of androgens and insulin. Androgens are considered predominantly a male sex hormone that is usually in women in small amounts. With PCOS, you may have several symptoms (i.e., acne, facial hair, PMS, weight gain, etc.), and you may or may not…

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Low Thyroid Symptoms

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck and just below Adam’s apple and plays a major role in your metabolism, growth, and development. This gland secretes hormones into your bloodstream that also play a huge part in your immune system, plus help prevent fatigue, anxiety, depression, and infertility. It is…

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This Is How A Physiological Approach Changes Patient Care

A “One size fits all” approach is not the best course of action for weight loss. At times, underlying conditions that do not get found through standard blood tests or other conventional measures are causing someone to struggle with weight loss. There are various approaches in contemporary psychology. An approach is a perspective (i.e., view) that involves certain assumptions (i.e., beliefs) about human behavior: the way they function, which aspects of them are worthy of study, and what research methods are appropriate for undertaking this study.

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Hormone Balance Three Things That Make Us Stand Out with Hormone Clinic

Three Things That Make Us Stand Out with Hormone Clinic

The chances are that if you struggle with weight loss that you’ve tried many methods or sought answers on a consistent basis. It can be frustrating trying to get everything in order and finding the best weight loss process for you. However, have you considered going to a clinic that has a different approach?
For a large percentage of people, an imbalance of hormone levels are to blame for the weight gain and the inability to shed excess pounds. As such, the team at Medical Weight Loss Utah has incorporated hormone replacement therapy into its diverse list of personalized services.
Despite the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, this approach is not offered by all healthcare facilities. As such, individuals looking for the benefits that it affords are encouraged to turn to medical centers that are experienced in providing this form of treatment.
By exercising while undergoing hormone replacement therapy, individuals can boost the positive results of the treatment. Following a nutritious diet can also help maximize the benefits that the body experiences.

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