While most weight loss solutions work in short bursts, few result
in sustained conclusions.

At Medical Weight Loss & Hormone Clinic, you’ll find answers that you can employ every day to get the most you need out of our program. As you work with us, you’ll change your lifestyle and sustain your weight loss. We care about permanent results, not temporary fixes.

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Our approach to weight loss relies on careful observation of each patient. The physiological strategy we employ is effective, faithful to each, and ensures you have the best results possible. Our methodology and innovative approach to weight loss are why our clinic is best for those who have biological causes of weight gain and don’t know it: we understand how impactful these conditions can be and have the experience necessary to manage them properly.

The approach comes from Tiffini Christensen’s, our director, own’s experiences. She struggled with trying to lose weight and thyroid issues for years. It wasn’t until she dove deep into the  research and found the answers herself that she knew the new type of clinic had to come to fruition. She wanted to help people like her who didn’t have the concrete answers and solutions they needed to succeed.

When Tiffini finally dealt with her thyroid condition, she knew she had the answers to make a difference in the health world and help others who couldn’t find the answers to their thyroid issues. Through hard work, lots of studying, and a Physician Mentor that personally tutored her, that she found the answers for the different low thyroid conditions along with all the other hormones and weight issues. Tiffini now helps other people find hormonal balance and become the best version of themselves. The entire staff follows her lead, and we’re always happy to see our patients’ lives improve!


The Director of the Medical Weight Loss & Hormone Clinic of Utah has been studying the underlying biological causes of weight gain and numerous health conditions for many years. She is passionate about thyroid issues and bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy.

For over ten years, Tiffini struggled to find out the causes of her chronic fatigue, weight gain problems, and other issues. Tiffini finally came up with a possible answer after reading a report from a conference on the thyroid. To get Tiffini’s story in her own words, watch Tiffini’s life-inspiring story. My Story

Tiffini’s areas of expertise include PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome); Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes and Type-II Diabetes; Hypothyroid and Underactive Thyroid: Fibromyalgia; Chronic Fatigue; Chronic Headaches and Migraines; and Hypertension, among many others.

Tiffini works with physicians, nutritionists, and counselors in the clinic to assist in the treatment plans of the patients suffering from the biological causes of weight gain and numerous health conditions. Tiffini works with proper medication, specialized diets, and careful adjustments to each patient’s treatment plan. Every patient receives the utmost care and attention to help solve underlying physiological problems, resulting in substantially improved health and significant weight loss.

about us

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