BioTE® Medical provides pellet therapy to help balance hormones in women and men

This pellet therapy is an emerging, innovative form of bioidentical hormone therapy. The Medical Weight Loss and Hormone Clinic team are happy to partner with BioTE® to provide an alternative and efficient form of hormone therapy. The process is simple: take a test to determine current hormone levels, receive a pellet insertion of estradiol or testosterone from a professional, and follow up with a licensed professional.

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This process delivers the consistency of hormones without having to rely on applying creams or taking pills. You can expect to repeat the process two to four times a year, depending on your body chemistry and needs. BioTE therapy can get used to balance hormones, optimize them, or replace them. This innovative form of hormone therapy prevents effects like aging, depression, anxiety, and more symptoms that people with imbalanced hormones deal with every day. Ask us about this treatment.

How is this different than pills or creams?

When you take pills and creams, you rely on them to provide the dosage you need while spreading them on your body or ingesting them. Pellet therapy is a straightforward way to obtain the same results and does not rely on people to be compliant. This type of treatment is concentrated and doesn’t require reapplication or multiple doses. If that’s what you prefer, we suggest them! However, creams and pills can be as effective for our patients, and we are happy to offer those as well.

Is pellet therapy safe?

Yes, absolutely. Only certified professionals can insert the pellets, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the process is safe enough for you. Plus, the hormones you receive are biologically identical to what is already in your body, so your body will react to them favorably.

Who should get pellet therapy?

As with our other services, we suggest this process for people who are trying to find the perfect harmony amongst the hormones in their bodies. Whether you experience fatigue, age rapidly, or have thyroid issues, it is possible that pellet therapy can solve it.

For more information about BioTE®, feel free to visit the BioTE® website, or contact us.