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SUMMARY of hormone replacement for men and women

SUMMARY In 1990, there was a landmark article published by Dr. Daniel Rudman in the New England Journal of Medicine.  He and others showed that hormone deficiency was in part responsible for increased body fat, decreased muscle, decreased strength, decreased bone and skin thickness.  Replacement of hormones resulted in overwhelming improvement in signs and symptoms of getting old.  The findings of this famous study were consistent with the hypothesis that it was the deficiency of a hormone that contributed to...

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Thyroid Issues

Though thyroid problems are often the subject of cruel fat jokes, they are very real and can be difficult to detect. Sometimes people will have thyroid conditions that don’t show up on the standard TSH test. In such cases it is necessary to delve deeper into the blood test results to find an accurate diagnosis. People with thyroid problems can still lose weight, but find it very difficult to stay motivated when they are suffering from any of the nearly...

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