Don’t Waste Your Money or Risk Your Health with Synthetic or Homeopathic HCG
13 Jan 2011

Don’t Waste Your Money or Risk Your Health with Synthetic or Homeopathic HCG

The difference between real HCG and homeopathic HCG is as dramatic as the difference between real money and counterfeit – the fake bills may look like money, but they’re worthless and will cause far more harm than good.

Genuine HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin – is a real human hormone. It is governed by prescription to prevent abuse, and its use requires monitoring by a medical doctor to ensure safe administration.

For over 60 years genuine human hormone HCG has been proven safe and highly effective – it is the only hormone with verified, long-term weight loss results. Real HCG causes the body to use up its own fat stores and supports healthful bodily functions while on a very restrictive diet. This allows for incredibly fast and safe weight loss without hunger or side effects.

Moreover, when successful fat reduction is accomplished with real HCG, it recalibrates the natural body weight set point through the hypothalamic gland. The hypothalamic gland controls body fat storage, so altering its set point results in long-term weight loss success and makes goal weight maintenance easier.

In stark contrast, dieters using synthetic or homeopathic HCG may experience some initial weight loss, but it is due only to the severe calorie restriction, which can cause a starvation effect on the hypothalamic gland. This means that as soon as they abandon the strict diet (inevitable because the strict diet is unsustainable unless done with real HCG), they rapidly regain any weight lost – plus more! Why? Because without real HCG, their bodies interpret the severe diet as starvation, and so immediately strive to replenish the depleted fat reserves as soon as the dieter resumes healthy eating.

Homeopathic, synthetic, or non-prescriptive HCG is imitation. When checked for potency using pregnancy tests, these imposters show themselves as being nothing more than water. Without the real hormone, there is no effect on the hypothalamic gland, hence no significant weight loss – and certainly no long-lasting results.

When used as a dietary supplement, real HCG hormone causes the body’s abnormal fat cells to release 3,500 calories a day – the same amount necessary to support the healthy development of a fetus. So when a non-pregnant human uses HCG, the body is able to utilize those 3,500 calories of released energy. The dieter also needs to consume an additional 500 calories of highly nutritious, low energy foods ensuring adequate nutrition to protect muscles and internal organs.

However, without the genuine human HCG hormone, dieters literally starve themselves on that meager 500 calorie diet because their bodies cannot access the 3,500 calories from stored abnormal fat… Simply put, a dieter using genuine HCG is technically consuming about 4,000 calories daily, while a dieter using fake HCG is barely subsisting on a mere 500.

The combination of real HCG and a severe calorie-restricted diet allows people to lose an average of one pound every day – which is equivalent to 3,500 calories – without risk to their internal organs or muscles.

Don’t waste your money or risk your health with synthetic or homeopathic HCG…

With the power of genuine human HCG hormone you can finally achieve
dramatic, rapid and permanent weight loss!

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